What must I do to be saved?  -  

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and that He is the Son of God -

that Jesus died on the Cross for your Sins -

and was buried in a tomb -

 On the third day Jesus rose from the tomb and is Alive today sitting on the right hand of God His Father.

A - Admit you are a sinner and you need  forgiveness from all your sins.

B - Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ - that He died for you on that Cross and suffered such pain and agony, was buried in a tomb and on the third day He had Risen from the tomb and is alive now and forever.  By Faith  you "Forsake All I Trust Him" give your whole life to Him.

C - Confess with your mouth and Repent from all your sins and ask Him into your heart and life.

A  Prayer something like this -

  Lord Jesus Christ, I know that I have sinned and need your forgiveness, I am so sorry. I believe that your Son the lord Jesus Christ died for me on the Cross and rose again. I repent and turn away from my sins. I now by faith invite the Lord Jesus to come into my heart and life as my personal Saviour and I am willing, by your grace, to follow and obey Him as  Lord of my life. Amen.

  • Caution – The fact that you pray this prayer will not save you. Only faith in Jesus can save you from sin. This prayer is only a guideline to help you trust in Him.

If you have prayed to Jesus with all your heart and meaning every word you prayed, and repented from your sins and ask jesus into your life, then you are saved and you will go to Heaven to be with your Saviour the lord Jesus Christ . Please tell other people of your new found faith and read your Bible and pray every day.

I would love to hear about it - please let me know so I can rejoice with you and pray for you. 

If you want a Free Bible please contact me and I would be happy to send you one.

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